Our Team

During this meeting held on 26th April to formalise the intent of registering the K Sri Dhammananda Foundation a protem committee was selected. 
Thank you one and all for having the courage to work towards the formation of the K Sri Dhammananda Foundation.
Since then, the Inaugural General Meeting was held on 29 Feb 2012 to elect the committee which will serve the Foundation up till 2014. The result of which is:

President:                        Mr. Upali Arambewela                  (+94 776-708144)

Vice-President:               Col. Sudath Madugalle                 (+94 773-261555)        

Secretary:                        Mr. Ashwin Hemmathagama       (+94 777-559331)

Treasurer:                        Mr. Upul S. Athapaththu                (+94 786-470002)

Committee Members:    Mr. Prasanna Alwis                       (+94 773-879024)

                                         Mr. Ranjan Samarasinghe            (+94 777-353004)

                                         Mr. Chintaka Peiris                       (+9 777-508050)                                         
                                         Mr. Dinesh Waththuhewa              (+94 716-840790)
                                         Mr. M. C. Mendies                          (+94 728-299095)