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Student Aid

The Foundation is committed to providing aid to 55 students regardless of race or religion and has through the efforts of one of its members, Mr Dinesh Waththuhewa (+94 716840790), completed the selection. The selection was based on criteria ranging from academic performance, sporting achievements and other school activities, household income and number of dependents in the family. These criteria were point-weighted to lend objectivity and transparency in the selection process. Students from all over Sri Lanka were considered and the Foundation hopes that these selected will be given the opportunity to continue with their education.
The Foundation is seeking "adopters" who will commit to assist these selected students till the completion of their secondary school education. The rate of "adoption" is fixed at LKR35,000 per year and this will go to the Student Aid Project fund. The Foundation will monitor the progress of each student and share this with the "adopter". It is through this personal approach that the Foundation feels that both "adopter" and "adoptee" will both benefit.
The Friends of the Foundation in Malaysia successfully organised two Fundraising dinners with the patronage of celebrity Chef (Dr) Publis.
These dinners held in the cities of Klang and Kuala Lumpur to showcase Sri Lankan cuisine and in conjunction with the Sri Lankan New Year on 9 & 10 April, 2012.
The Friends of the Foundation also managed to secure 9 "adoptions" during the dinners and are still working on a couple more who have indicated interest.